Aguka Fund


“Aguka is our flagship fund that targets everyone from normal individuals, to organizations, NGOs, religious and saving groups. It is structured to provide low risk returns with the flexibility of investing and withdrawing funds according to the client’s need.

AGUKA UNIT TRUST FUND is an income fund that pools investors contributions together and invests them. In porfolio of diversified fixed income assets to deliver a rate of return higher than the prevailing cash deposit rate.

Aguka Facts & Figures

Facts & Figures

Clients 700+

Current Yield 10.41%

Perfomance Graph

Aguka Facts & Figures


Here is downloadable forms to fill and submit at our office:

AGUKA Corporate Form
Published on 5/10/2023
2.9 MiB
AGUKA Individual Form
Published on 5/10/2023
598.9 KiB

AGUKA Online Registration Form


3.3 MiB
3.7 MiB